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New York City, New York Junk Car Boys – Cash For Junk Cars Branch

Cash For Junk Cars New York CityJunk Car Boys as a company started in a small town called Vancouver, WA in 2011. It’s right across the bridge from Portland, OR. The business was founded by two brothers, Joel and Andrew, who have always had a passion to run their own business and be able to offer jobs in a hard hit economy. Basically, to prove that innovation and free thinking was still available in the U.S. and that the “dream” could still be lived. That’s exactly what they did!

One of the passions behind the business was that as they were growing up, their parents always drove around junk cars. When a car would break down, it would just sit on their property while the parents would buy yet another junk car to drive into the ground. They grew up with broken down cars piling up along the driveway, and no other option but to pay a tow company to come and get rid of them. Well, no longer do those days exist! Now, instead of the consumer paying for the removal of the junk car, companies like ours exist that are paying for those cars. That was one of the biggest reasons why they got into the business, was because it helped prevent exactly what they suffered from while growing up. So, there is a lot of passion behind it all.

The company took off like a rocket! They grew quickly, so fast in fact, they had to scale back from getting too large too quick because they were very unorganized. They scaled back, reorganized, and are blowing up again! From only operating in Vancouver, WA. They are now operating in every major city of the United States, and a coverage of up to 90% of the United States.

The two brothers are originally from Chicago, IL and moved to the Northwest as teenagers. As they grew, their oldest brother Tim jumped on the wagon to help them grow the business.

To this day, the 3 brothers have really created something big, and they have no plans of stopping anytime soon.


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